Commit 51fcf767 authored by Jürgen Haas's avatar Jürgen Haas
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composer/plugin/docker4drupal#41 Don't use root for Drush commands

parent 28f2f5e4
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ function setPermissions {
chmod -R g+w .
docker-compose exec ${LAKEDROPS_DEV_DC_OPTIONS} --user root php drush $@
docker-compose exec ${LAKEDROPS_DEV_DC_OPTIONS} php drush $@
if [[ "$1" == "gen" ]]; then
docker-compose exec ${LAKEDROPS_DEV_DC_OPTIONS} --user root php /var/www/html/vendor/bin/rector "$@"
docker-compose exec ${LAKEDROPS_DEV_DC_OPTIONS} php /var/www/html/vendor/bin/rector "$@"
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