Commit a4a58e7b authored by Jürgen Haas's avatar Jürgen Haas
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Soften alerts about unreachable sites

parent c2365dd7
template: httpcheck_web_service_unreachable
families: *
on: httpcheck.status
class: Errors
type: Web Server
component: HTTP endpoint
calc: ($httpcheck_no_web_service_connections >= $httpcheck_web_service_timeouts) ? ($httpcheck_no_web_service_connections) : ($httpcheck_web_service_timeouts)
units: %
every: 10s
warn: ($httpcheck_no_web_service_connections >= 30 OR $httpcheck_web_service_timeouts >= 30) AND ($httpcheck_no_web_service_connections < 50 OR $httpcheck_web_service_timeouts < 50)
crit: $httpcheck_no_web_service_connections >= 50 OR $httpcheck_web_service_timeouts >= 50
delay: down 5m multiplier 1.5 max 1h
info: ratio of failed requests either due to timeouts or no connection over the last 5 minutes
to: webmaster
template: httpcheck_web_service_slow
families: *
on: httpcheck.responsetime
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