Commit 5ce8d7cf authored by Jürgen Haas's avatar Jürgen Haas
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Initial role to install gitlab-runner

parent c44bac17
# Ansible file to install GitLab Runner
# file: roles/gitlab-runner/tasks/main.yml
- name: "GitLab Runner Role"
set_fact: role_gitlab_runner_started=true
tags: 'always'
- block:
- name: "Apt Key"
url: ''
state: present
- name: "Apt Repository"
repo: 'deb {{ ansible_distribution_release }} main'
state: 'present'
mode: '644'
- name: "Install SpiderOak Agent"
pkg: 'gitlab-runner'
state: 'present'
update_cache: yes
when: '"gitlab-runner" not in excluded_roles'
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