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Each time going to my friend’s birthday, it usually takes me a lot of time choosing the gift for my friend and keeping wondering whether he/she likes my gift.

Have you been in the same situation as me before?

If your answer is “Yes”, I have found one solution that I could proudly advise you to avoid the same situation happening, which is a gift of a Handwriting Necklace.

Let’s find out what it is!


I am 25 now and she has been my best friend since I was only ten years old. Fifteen birthdays party have passed and I have given her any type of common gifts that I could think of. Each time her birthday is coming, I actually do not know what to give her.

I believe that most of you guys have been in the same situation like me and have been struggling every birthday of your best friends to come up with the most meaningful and surprising gifts for their special days.

At that time, her birthday was coming in five more days, meanwhile, I kept wondering what’s to give her and how to find out the most useful and meaningful gift to her. Moreover, that gift must be a long-lasting one I prefer; therefore, it could be with her for a long time. In her previous birthdays, I have given her a shirt, a hat, a pair of shoes, a pair of glasses…Therefore, this time I was stuck in finding her an interesting gift.

Honestly, I was totally desperate until I found this special gift - A handwriting necklace.

Do you wonder how could I think of this kind of gift?

No one could deny that the trend of having your name on something is never a forgotten one. I was aware of that trend but I could not find out something that was useful for her that she could use it in her daily life. A glass, a pen, a notebook…, they were too boring.

Then, when searching on the net about custom gifts, I rapidly found out the most special gift ever that I was going to give her for her upcoming birthday. It was a personalized handwriting engraved necklace.

Here comes the best part!

I was very surprised how they could turn handwriting into jewelry with such a budget friendly price like the one they did in this online shop. Moreover, the materials of these handwriting necklaces were totally silver, which significantly prevented them from being tarnished after being used for a long time.

It suddenly reminded me of one special memory in our friendship.

Can you guess what that was?


She always complimented on my handwriting. When we went to class in high school, she often asked me a favor to write her name on her book labels, and then she treated me with some snacks at the break time.

Immediately, I had an idea of buying her a handwriting necklace and booked one right away with the pendant was her name written by me. At the party, she was very surprised and almost burst into tears when she saw the handwriting gift from me.

Since then, she always wears that handwriting necklace that I have given to her and told me that this is the most beautiful handwriting pendant that I have ever seen. Seeing your best friend own a big smile whenever she looks at your gifts is the best thing ever.

Many people asked me: “Where did you find a wonderful necklace made from handwriting like this?” Here was the website that I found:

Interestingly, this handwriting engraved jewelry could be combined from different pieces of handwriting, for example, you are a group of best friends, each person could write one word, and then combine with each other to make the most meaningful word that you want to give it to your friends. Moreover, this is also a wonderful gift to give to your family and relatives.

The process of customizing one handwriting necklace like this is very easy at the online shop above.

Since this is a custom handwriting necklace, therefore, you have to make sure that you have noted down all the necessary information about the design, the color and the size of the handwriting necklace that you want. These actions could avoid misunderstanding and help you to have a necklace the same as you want. About the color and the size, you should follow my experience as I have seen many reviews about these features of the actual handwriting necklace and chosen the most appropriate one.

There are a few things that I want to share with you about this kind of necklace.

Before you read this story of mine, I would believe that you never thought of the idea to have your jewelry made from handwriting, or else it would have a very high price. But at this online shop, you will have a wide selection of the color, the size, the font of the pendant and even customize your own handwriting pendant.


Moreover, for the handwriting pendant, you can choose any type of handwriting that you like. It can be a signature, a special drawing or even a special handwriting symbol of yourself and your friends. With such a reasonable price for customizing your own jewelry, I highly recommend that this is a chance that you should not miss.

This online shop also offers many custom jewelry that you can choose for you or give it to others as a meaningful gift, including custom necklaces, custom bracelets, custom rings and some other custom accessories.

I have been always the most faithful fan of these custom necklaces. I have my name necklace at My name necklace Graceful Rings online shop a few months ago and until now, this is still the best thing that I have ever owned.

Having a jewelry made for only you arises in you a special feeling, which always motivates and inspires you to be yourself and freely do the things that you like to enjoy your life to the fullest.

So, let’s find one handwriting name necklace for yourself right away!

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